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As recently highlighted on KMOV, having a working fire extinguisher nearby is always a good idea. The extinguisher in the video was inspected in 2018 and is approved for use. Extinguishers are inspected annually and are good for one year after the year and month that is punched on the tag. Are your extinguishers up to date?

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St. Louis, Missouri (December 2018) — Weber Fire & Safety, always committed to the ongoing safety of the citizens of the greater St. Louis area, has come up with some smart tips this winter. Winter is that time of the year where fire can be an ever more prevalent issue in a home or business. Weber Fire & Safety is here to provide everyone with everything they need to stay safe whilst staying warm this St. Louis winter. Here are some hot tips, and some info on handy supplies in the event that winter gets too hot.

Space heaters are convenient but these are easily one of the greatest causes of fire around the home or office during winter. The major factor is the positioning of the heater. Do not place any flammable objects within a three-foot radius of the space heater. Fuel burning heaters command extra careful attention to this rule. Never under any circumstances use fuel not approved by the manufacturer. And as always remember to turn off a portable heater when leaving the room or going to bed. Yet in the event one of these heaters runs foul, Weber Fire & Safety can supply consumers with a wide array of easily portable fire extinguishers to prevent a livelihood from going up in smoke. Fire extinguishers come in many varieties, from ABC Dry Chemical for multipurpose situations, to more specialized extinguishers, depending upon what is used and produced in the room where the extinguisher is placed. To top it off Weber Fire & Safety also offers yearly inspections to keep all extinguishers in top shape and code compliant.

Since 1958 Weber Fire & Safety has served as the vanguard of fire safety in the greater St. Louis area. Weber Fire & Safety has a foundation of highly trained and dedicated staff that guarantees outstanding service and quality first rate products. Weber Fire & Safety is a full-service fire equipment company that provides outstanding fire extinguisher inspections, sales, and services. They can also assist in code compliance, insurance, and life safety requirements for your residential and commercial properties. Weber Fire & Safety serves on the front line of the St. Louis area to preserve lives and property. For more information on Weber Fire & Safety, check out their Facebook page.

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St.Louis, Missouri (October 2018) —Weber Fire and Safety has recently announced that they are going to launch a new and improved website. The goal of this new website is to increase customer convenience when searching through the site so he or she can find any fire prevention supplies or information they need in a timely manner. This new website will make it easier on the shopper in order to find any fire safety equipment while keeping them satisfied when on the site.

Weber Fire and Safety has a website but plans on revamping this site in order to make it more customer friendly. Upgrades to the design will be made in order to improve the website’s appearance such as adding better quality images because aesthetics are important when helping any business or organization do well. This website will be convenient to the customer because he or she will be able to get a better understanding of each product and/or service that Weber Fire has to offer. The new layout of this upgraded website will let the customer easily schedule a service based on what they need. This new website will provide Weber Fire with more customer satisfaction and it will offer the customers a more convenient way to find any fire protection products and services.

Weber Fire and Safety has been committed to protecting the lives and properties in Saint Louis and the surrounding areas since 1958. The Weber family plays an active role in the daily operation and performance of a business. Weber Fire has a hardworking and dedicated staff that ensures outstanding service and quality products. Weber Fire and Safety is a full-service fire equipment company excelling in the business of fire extinguisher inspections, sales, and services. They can also assist in code compliance, insurance, and life safety requirements. Weber Fire and Safety serves the Saint Louis area with a fleet of service vehicles and technicians dispatched daily to preserve lives and property. For more information on Weber Fire and Safety, check out their Facebook page

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