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St. Louis Emergency and Exit Lighting Service

Monthly Inspection Requirements

  • All exit lights are required to stay illuminated for at least 90 minutes after power failure.
  • Every exit shall be clearly visible, or the route to reach every exit shall be conspicuously indicated.
  • Other than main exterior exit doors that obviously and clearly are identifiable as exits, exits shall be marked by an approved sign that is readily visible from any direction of exit access.
  • A latch or other fastening device on a door shall be provided with a releasing device that has an obvious method of operation and that is readily operated under all lighting conditions.

Annual Inspection Requirements

  • Conduct a thorough examination of the unit.
  • Conduct an operational test of the battery and lighting system for the required 90 minutes.
  • Check the condition and voltage of the battery and verify manufacturer date.
  • Check AC/DC lamps or bulbs for damage and proper operation.
  • Verify charging circuit is operational and working properly (if needed).
  • Apply emergency lighting test label to each light upon completion.

The Importance of Emergency Lighting

Emergency lighting and exit signs are a requirement in all commercial jurisdictions, no matter the size of the building nor the business being done. There are many factors that should be considered when developing a plan for emergency lighting and exit signs. Finances certainly play a role as well as the codes and regulations.

As it has been mentioned, implementing a plan for the installation and maintenance of these fixtures is mandatory. OSHA enforces the codes regarding emergency lighting and exit plans for commercial buildings. For example, exit signs must be located in an area that highlights an unobstructed exit from the building.

The need for emergency lighting is obviously apparent, safety. The safety of your patrons and employees in the case of a power outage is essential. Stairwells still need to remain passible and easily identified.  Emergency lighting in stairwells and hallways allows for a more controlled evacuation which reduces stress levels and injuries. The other important factor to consider, other than being a guide out of a building under duress, is the fact that these lights provide illumination. Often when these emergency and exits are called upon to ensure your safety, there is darkness, smoke, and a power outage. These fixtures, because they have battery backup, light your way to safety even when there is no power.

Emergency lighting is also invaluable to fire crews and search & rescue teams who are entering a strange often chaotic environment. It can make the difference between your life and death. Many commercial buildings have emergency lighting and signs that have varying fixtures with different batteries and bulbs needing to be replaced with regularity. It is critical that an emergency and exit light service provider with proper training be retained for that task.

This is where Weber Fire and Safety can help. Contacting Weber Fire and Safety would alleviate some of the confusion over who might be handling all the emergency lighting and exit signs. Who is ensuring that all safety regulations and guidelines are being met? Weber Fire and Safety will handle all of the emergency lighting equipment for your commercial building and do so at an affordable price. The first quick check is always free.